Al-Mutlaa Residents Face Severe Water Shortage, Prices Soar to 40 Dinars

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KUWAIT CITY, Jun 21: The residents of Al-Mutlaa have been left with no choice but to rely on water tankers for their drinking water needs. The closure of water tanker filling stations and the lack of a water connection network in the city have led to severe water scarcity. The sole reliance on the main Jahra filling station has exacerbated the situation, driving up the price of water deliveries to 40 dinars.

Khaled Al-Anazi, Chairman of the volunteer committee for the people of Al-Mutlaa, expressed his frustration: “The city of Al-Mutlaa is without water. Unfortunately, the current water scarcity is not due to a shortage from the ministry, but rather a lack of bottled water, as the water tankers have no source of filling other than the main Jahra station.”

Al-Anazi highlighted the growing struggles faced by the residents: “The suffering of the people of Al-Mutlaa is increasing day by day. There is no water in the city due to the closure of water filling stations, leaving us dependent on the main Jahra station. Why is there such a shortage of fresh water in Al-Mutlaa? Are we expected to cover the costs from our own pockets?”

Al-Anazi pointed out the financial strain on the residents: “The pockets of the citizens living in Al-Mutlaa are being drained due to the lack of fresh water and the total reliance on tankers. Now, the price of a single tanker has reached 40 dinars, with the justification that the water is sourced from the Abdali station, causing prices to rise.”

He continued, “Where is the oversight from those responsible for the freshwater filling stations? After enduring an electricity crisis, the people of Al-Mutlaa now face water scarcity. What is happening here feels like a farce. Why is there such a severe water shortage? Will it force citizens to dig wells for water?”

This news has been read 2152 times!

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