Al-Jahra Club employees demand their overdue salaries

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The demonstrators at the office of the Club.

KUWAIT CITY, April 28: Employees of Al-Jahra Club, encompassing coaches, administrators, players, and staff, rallied in protest before the club’s management, demanding overdue salaries spanning seven months. Enduring hardships and financial strain during this period of unpaid wages, the demonstrators implored athletic authorities to swiftly address the crisis, allowing them to attend to their daily needs. Mounting debts, akin to an escalating “snowball,” had become unsustainable, leaving them with no recourse but to voice their grievances.

The genesis of Al-Jahra Club’s turmoil traces back to the aftermath of the January 12, 2023 elections, won by lawyer Khaled Al-Jarallah’s faction, which faced a challenge from a rival slate, triggering a convoluted legal battle. Amidst the legal wrangling between local and international arbitration bodies, the club’s employees bore the brunt of the conflict, enduring months without pay due to the absence of a functioning board of directors to authorize salaries.

Following media exposure, the General Sports Authority established a financial committee to settle outstanding dues, comprising representatives from Al-Jahra and Al-Nasr clubs, under the stewardship of Faisal Al-Yateem and Bashar Abdullah. Empowered to conduct banking transactions and disburse salaries, the committee aimed to alleviate the financial plight of technical, medical, and administrative staff.

In a plea to Kuwaiti sports authorities, Essam, a handball coach at Al-Jahra Club, urged swift resolution of the crisis, highlighting the dire circumstances faced by employees. Despite their dedication to club development, the prolonged salary halt left them grappling with mounting expenses, including rent and school fees. Mohamed Suleiman, another coach, echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the sacrifices made to sustain club activities amid financial strain. However, bureaucratic delays and internal disputes continued to impede the disbursement process, prolonging the ordeal for club personnel.

Khaled El Anzi

Al-Seyassah/Arab Times Staff

This news has been read 498 times!

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