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Al-Haddad filming for rest of series – ‘Beit Bayut’

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 31: Young artist Hussein Al-Haddad continues to film the rest of his scenes in the series ‘Beit Bayut’ with director Sultan Khusrawa, especially since he considers this role a challenge to him after his distinguished role in the series ‘Mahatta Al-Intazar’ (Waiting Station), according to what he told reports Al-Anba daily.

Hussein Al-Haddad with Heba Al-Dari

Regarding the details of his role, he said, “In short, I embody the personality of Salem, a young man who is struggling with himself to please his mother choosing to marry a woman of her choice or living his life with his ‘problematic wife’ although he loves her”.

He added the idea of the series “Beit Bayut” is based on a popular Arab game in which children assume the roles of adults, so we find the child embodies the role of the mother and the other the role of the girl. The series raises several issues, including the issue of our dealing with customs and traditions at this time, and the issue of greed — not material but emotional – when a person greedily expresses his desires.

Taking part in the series are artistes Mary Al-Saleh who plays the role of Grandma Shaha, Intisar Al-Sharrah, Abdul Mohsen Al-Nimr, Nour, Heba Al- Dari, Maram Shahd Al-Yassin, Muhammad Al-Ramadan, Ghorour and Abdullah Al-Rumayyan, in addition to the great artiste Jassim Al-Nabhan as a guest of honor and Abdul-Mohsen Al-Qafas and Muhammad Al-Hamli. The work is written by AbdulMohsen Al-Roudhan and directed by Sultan Khusrawa, who provides a space for us to deal with the characters naturally to be close to the viewer.

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