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Al-Ghanim’s idea will only make us poorer and traders richer

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REU official’s statement on small flats for citizens draws MPs flak

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 26: Several MPs have reacted to the statement of Real Estate Union (REU) Vice-Chairman Qais Al-Ghanim who urged citizens to be open to the idea of residing in small flats instead of big houses, while stressing that it is now time to impose taxes. MP Mehalhal Al-Mudaf said greediness and selfishness are evident whenever citizens are asked to pay the price for the government’s failure. He argued that the right move at the moment is to expand the construction process and transform the desert into residential cities rather than forcing citizens to live in small flats.

He added the idea of Al-Ghanim will only make the citizens poorer and the traders richer. MP Osama Al-Shaheen described the statement of Al- Ghanim as provocative and unacceptable; indicating the most important step now is to break the government-real estate traders alliance, not the promotion of flats and taxes. He underscored the need to limit the establishment of residential buildings for investment.

MP Hamad Al-Matar pointed out that the country is currently facing difficulties, calling on the real estate traders who have been enjoying profitable deals with the government to stop issuing provocative statements and refrain from calling for the implementation of taxes. He asked the real estate traders to cooperate with the MPs in order to find plausible solutions to the housing issue. MP Fares Al Otaibi asserted that taxes should be imposed on those who monopolize industrial plots and rent stores owned by the State at low prices. He added the State must provide housing to citizens as per the Constitution, while taxes should be imposed only if the National Assembly ratifies a law in this regard.

MP Ahmed Mutei Al-Azmi said 70 percent of the land in Kuwait is desert, while emphasizing the need to establish residential cities instead of disrupting such projects in favor of real estate traders in the form of promoting vertical residential buildings. In another development, MP Osama Al-Shaheen submitted a proposal to grant allowances to the health assistance workers at the Ministry of Health; similar to their counterparts in the Health Assistance Services Department. MP Bader Al-Humaidi forwarded queries to Minister of Public Works and Minister of State for Communication and Information Technology Affairs Rana Al-Fares asking about the maintenance contract for Block One in Ghernata. He requested for a copy of the contract and relevant details such as the reasons behind the delayed completion of maintenance works. He also wants to know if the ministry conducted investigations in order to impose penalties on the contractor due to errors committed during the development of the project such as the collapse of fences in some houses because of mistakes in the drilling works related to the supply of telephone lines. By Saeed Mahmoud Saleh Arab Times Staff

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