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Al-Fahad participates in artistic work on COVID-19

Coronavirus stops work, says director Al-Nassar

KUWAIT CITY, April 20: Big star and icon of the Gulf screen Hayat Al-Fahad has presented fantastic artistic works over the years, thus, earning such position, reports Al-Anba daily. Once you look at Al-Fahad, you feel that you are watching your mother or sister.

Hayat Al-Fahad

She has the unique ability to embody a large group of female characters mixed with various human emotions and carefully drawn features, presented very spontaneously. The daily called Umm Suzan to talk about her new work entitled, “Umm Haroun.”

This is about the corona crisis and many others. Her answers to our queries were very clear. She revealed that she chose the script of “Umm Haroun” because it is special, considering people are bored with normal and repeated topics.

She said: “The most important aspect which attracted me to the script is that it deals with a group of people who were and still exist in our world. It is true that we are not with them but we must address them, because we have a generation of young people who have no information about them.”

The artistic work is a joint production between Al-Fahad and Gernas Company, which belongs to actor Ahmed Al-Jasmi. It is for MBC station, under the direction of young and creative Egyptian director Mohammad Al-Adl. She clarified there is no relationship between “Umm Haroun” and Jewish nurse Umm Jan who worked in Bahrain. “We only took the form and the profession from Umm Jan. There is no work event linking the two characters,” she added.

A scene from the play ‘Over the Air’.

Indicating this artwork is considered risky, “I am surprised by the criticism of people and their judgment on the work even before watching it. The series is not purely political, even if it contains some political lines. It does not address the Zionist enemy and its practices that are rejected by everyone. The events depicted therein took place many years before 1948.”

The Jews were in all Arab countries – Palestine, Egypt, Kuwait, Yemen, Iraq and others. They coexisted with the peoples of these countries, she concluded. Meanwhile, director Nassar Al- Nassar says he has stopped work on the play ‘Repentance …..,’ which was supposed to be shown during the current period, but the current situation has prevented him to complete following government efforts to contain the spread of the coronavirus, and more so because most of the actors in the play are Egyptians, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

Al-Nassar said: “I always have a program for theatrical work throughout the year, as we were also supposed to work on the play ‘The Minister’s Mediator’, written by the great writer Tawfiq al- Hakim. We hope that this crisis will end soon and we all return to our work and our loved ones.” Regarding his great interest in theater and his distancing from TV drama, Nassar explained that he worked in the drama from an early age, and participated in the series “Ibn Al-Najjar” not only as an actor but in other specialties, but found his links to the theater more, and so far been very successful.

Actress Farah Al-Sarraf had her head completely shaved, as shown in a video clip, posted hours after the haircut and she wrote: “I became bald,” reports Al-Rai daily. Many people liked the video and expressed their willingness to try completely cutting their hair as well, while others denounced what the actress did.

Al-Sarraf has been in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for more than a month, after the lockdown on land borders and airports. She expressed her longing to return home and meet her mother more than once.

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