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Al-Dawli organizes training course on ‘Fundamentals of Islamic Banking Services and Products’

A photo from the event
A photo from the event

As the Kuwait International Bank always strives to provide new recruits with training courses to develop their skills, it organized a training course on the “Fundamentals of Islamic Banking Services and Products” for two consecutive days. The training course aimed at featuring the key principles of Islamic banking and identifying the terms and conditions of opening accounts, deposits, and services, in addition to highlighting  Al-Dawli’s main investments, and financial products and solutions.

The Sharia Supervisor at KIB, Dr Hisham Ahmad Abdul Hai said that this course was an added-value for the staff to develop their know-how on Sharia-compliant solutions and products; moreover, the 20 trainees showed great interest and were actively participating in the training course. Dr Abdul Hai added that Al-Dawli is always keen on organizing this workshop for its new employees, followed by a series of inclusive training courses that are held periodically depending on the requirements of each department.

He concluded by saying that Al-Dawli believes in the significance of providing its staff with such training courses to advance their capabilities and proficiency, in order to be updated with the latest trends and products in the Islamic banking industry. As a result, the demand on the sharia-compliant services regionally and globally has been highly increasing, due to its trustworthiness and flexibility.

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