Al-Amer unveils artistic insights: Crafting unique narratives beyond societal issues

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KUWAIT CITY, Nov 21, (Agencies): Renowned writer Fayez Al-Amer underscored the intricate process of dramatic writing, emphasizing its role in portraying societal transformations and challenges. It goes beyond being a mere transmitter of issues; dramatic writers shape narratives, develop characters, and construct conflicts and emotions to craft unique works of art.

Writer Fayez Al-Amer

Al-Amer delved into the dramatist’s perspective, noting that these individuals, being members of society, draw inspiration from personal experiences, convictions, and beliefs that subtly permeate their works. Despite these personal influences, they strive to present balanced and meaningful stories to the audience, delivering messages that reshape awareness about critical issues, and fostering positive thinking and community dialogue.

Al-Amer expressed his reservations about the concentration of drama broadcasts during Ramadan, highlighting viewer challenges in navigating numerous simultaneous series with potential story similarities. He questioned the rationale behind satellite channels immediately repeating Ramadan productions after the month, emphasizing his belief that airing new series throughout the year, independent of specific seasons, would significantly enhance the success of artistic works.

Discussing the current Ramadan production landscape, Al-Amer noted a notable shift in Gulf TV channels’ approach, moving away from the traditional “executive producer” model and instead engaging with distinguished, capable producers who fund their projects. This change has led to a perceived increase in the perceived risk of production, resulting in decreased business compared to previous seasons.

Reflecting on his upcoming projects, Al-Amer unveiled a heritage series titled “The Stranger,” set in a specific era of Kuwaiti history. He awaits a production company capable of preserving its cultural integrity. Venturing into the 1970s, he introduced a comedy series, “Qismat and Naseeb,” directed by Mohamed Farag and featuring a cast of Gulf stars. Additionally, he mentioned a semi-police drama that he’s considering presenting as a cinematic film or a short series. Despite declining recent drama offers due to unsuitable roles, Al-Amer is immersed in developing new works.

Fayez Al-Amer addressed the theater community, announcing his return with a new work during the upcoming Eid al-Fitr period. The potential titles for this theatrical endeavor include “A Stroke of Luck” or “Special Vacation.” He extended his best wishes to his artistic colleagues, hoping for success in their dramatic and theatrical pursuits.

This news has been read 387 times!

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