Saturday , September 23 2023

Air France to axe over 7,500 jobs by ’22

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PARIS, July 3: French flag-carrier Air France announced Friday it will axe more than 7,500 jobs at the national airline and its subsidiary carrier HOP by 2022 due to sharp losses because of the coronavirus pandemic.
In a statement, Air France said that its revenues fell 95 percent during three months because of the lockdown and travel bans worldwide.

At the worst moment of the coronavirus pandemic, the company said it was losing Euros 15 million (USD 16.5 million) per day.
Moreover, the company indicated, the resumption of business is proving very slow and there are many uncertainties for the airline companies.
The decision to axe 6,560 jobs at Air France and 1,020 at subsidiary HOP comes despite a French government injection of seven billion Euros to prop up the airline.

The statement said that the government subsidy only allowed for a short-term fix and Air France is forced to take other measures to ensure its future.
The company said it would do its maximum to bleed jobs through natural attrition like retirement or negotiated departures but could not guarantee this for all employees. (KUNA)