AI revolutionizes diabetes research at Dasman Institute

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Dasman Diabetes Institute

KUWAIT CITY, May 26: Dr. Anwar Ramadan Muhammad, a distinguished scientific researcher at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in the renowned research laboratories of the Dasman Diabetes Institute, has disclosed the latest advancements in research initiatives at the esteemed Institute. Established under the auspices of the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences, the Institute has embarked on leveraging artificial intelligence methodologies to enhance the comprehension of protein structures and facilitate drug discovery, particularly in the realm of diabetes research, as reported by the Al-Jarida newspaper.

Dr. Anwar, a highly accomplished scholar, holds a doctoral degree in Biochemistry and Structural Biology from University College London, adorned with numerous accolades and honors for his scholarly contributions. Before joining the esteemed Dasman Diabetes Institute, he served as a research fellow at the Department of Chemistry, University of Auckland, New Zealand, for a tenure of two years.

In his remarks, Dr. Anwar underscored the interdisciplinary nature of his work, emphasizing the necessity of collaboration across various research departments, including Genetics and Biochemistry. He shed light on a prominent research endeavor aimed at elucidating the pivotal role of specific genetic proteins, notably KLF15, in glucose metabolism and its pertinence to manifestations of type 2 diabetes. Leveraging state-of-the-art computer systems, the Institute’s laboratories are dedicated to unraveling the intricate interplay between genetic proteins and the onset of type 2 diabetes, to develop novel therapeutic compounds and medications for diabetes management.

In conclusion, Dr. Anwar expressed optimism regarding the transformative impact of the Institute’s cutting-edge research endeavors, heralding a new era of advancements in diabetes treatment and patient care. He commended the steadfast commitment of the Dasman Diabetes Institute’s management to fostering advanced research on diabetes and its associated complications, underscoring the invaluable support extended by the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences in driving scientific progress and innovation in the country.

This news has been read 974 times!

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