AI-prompted radio stations under testing on YouTube Music

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Personalize your playlist: YouTube Music introduces an AI radio experiment.

NEW YORK, July 9: YouTube Music is currently experimenting with a new generative AI feature designed to allow users to create custom radio stations based on prompts they enter. This feature, still in a testing phase and not widely rolled out yet, introduces a novel way for music enthusiasts to personalize their listening experience.

When the feature becomes available on a user’s device, app, or account, they will notice a new card in their Home feed labeled “Ask for music any way you like.” This card, alongside the existing “Start radio” button, aims to enhance user interaction and customization within the platform.

The interface for this feature is reminiscent of the earlier “Create a radio: Your music tuner” card, which recently gained a dedicated shortcut in the Library tab earlier this year. It launches a chat-based user interface where users can input their music requests or prompts. This fullscreen UI includes an “Experiment” badge in the top-right corner to denote its testing phase.

Users have the option to enter prompts either by typing or via voice commands, with YouTube Music cautioning that AI-generated responses are experimental, and their quality and accuracy may vary. Personal or confidential information is discouraged from being entered into these prompts.

Upon entering a prompt, such as “Catchy pop choruses” or “Surprise me!”, YouTube Music generates a custom radio station. The station is named after the prompt entered by the user and is labeled with “Created for you,” accompanied by a description. For example, a prompt like “Queer Hip Hop Beats” might result in a station featuring “Rhymes and flows from the heart, a celebration of queer pride in hip hop’s art.”

The generated radio station is presented with a playlist card showing the first three songs, each accompanied by options to play/pause, save to your library, and access an overflow menu for additional actions.

Currently, reports indicate limited availability of YouTube Music’s AI radio creator, with the feature not appearing on all devices tested. The absence of a widely accessible testing platform akin to may limit initial user engagement. Additionally, it remains to be seen whether access to this feature will eventually require a YouTube Premium subscription.

As YouTube Music continues to refine and expand this AI-driven customization feature, it promises to offer users a more tailored and engaging music listening experience tailored to individual preferences and prompts.

This news has been read 671 times!

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