AI can replace jobs but create new lines of professions

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KUWAIT CITY, Dec 5: Kuwait University (KU) academic emphasized the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI), acknowledging its capacity to replace certain jobs while simultaneously creating novel opportunities. Dr. Sulaiman Al-Rafee, Vice President for academic services at KU, highlighted the emergence of a distinct discipline known as prompt engineering. This field focuses on instructing individuals on how to command and control the evolving landscape of AI technology.

Dr. Al-Rafee stressed the importance of pursuing education in technology, particularly in artificial intelligence, for those seeking a secure future, despite acknowledging the potential risks to some traditional jobs. He underscored the need for individuals to adapt to the changing technological landscape.

While discussing the job market influenced by AI, Dr. Al-Rafee touched upon the regulatory aspects, specifically mentioning concerns related to tools like ChatGPT. He pointed out ethical challenges associated with such technologies, although he did not delve into the specific nature of these challenges.

The academic participated in a conference on AI, along with other scholars like Assistant Professor Mohammad Al-Dhafiri. The event, held at Kuwait University, saw the participation of Kuwait News Agency (KUNA), as well as private and public institutions. These entities showcased diverse applications of AI in their respective fields.

Professor Al-Dhafiri emphasized the crucial role that AI plays in various aspects of daily life, with a special mention of its impact in the medical field. He expressed optimism about the positive contributions of AI in surgery and medical diagnosis, underscoring its potential to assist healthcare professionals in treating patients effectively.

The conference also featured KUNA, which presented its new Smart Oasis unit. This innovative unit seamlessly integrates Artificial Intelligence and Journalism, demonstrating a collaborative effort to harness AI’s power in enhancing journalistic practices. The team of professionals at Smart Oasis aims to deliver timely, accurate, and contextually rich content, showcasing the evolving intersection of AI and journalism. (KUNA)

This news has been read 1118 times!

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