Afghanistan rains claim 29 more lives

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29 lives lost in Afghanistan amid devastating rainfall: Disaster Management Department

KABUL, Afghanistan, April 20: In Afghanistan, the toll of devastating rainfall continues to rise as another 29 people lost their lives over the past four days, as reported by the government’s disaster management department on Saturday.

The recent deluge follows an unusually dry winter that left the land parched, exacerbating the impact of the two-week streak of downpours across most provinces. These heavy rains have led to sporadic flash flooding, compounding the challenges faced by communities already grappling with adverse weather conditions.

According to Janan Sayeq, spokesman for the disaster management department, the casualties resulting from the rains occurred across ten provinces, with seven others sustaining injuries during the same period. Moreover, the torrential rains have wreaked havoc on residential areas, with 72 houses damaged or destroyed, and over 2,500 acres of agricultural land swept away.

Official figures indicate that more than 100 people have lost their lives in flooding incidents this month alone, while over 25,000 families have been in dire need of assistance due to the deluge.

The United Nations had previously issued warnings about Afghanistan’s vulnerability to extreme weather conditions, citing major swings in weather patterns. After enduring four decades of conflict, Afghanistan ranks among the countries least equipped to cope with such calamities, a situation compounded by the increasing frequency and severity of extreme weather events linked to climate change.

This latest tragedy comes on the heels of previous weather-related disasters, including a landslide that claimed at least 25 lives following heavy snowfall in eastern Afghanistan in February. Additionally, approximately 60 individuals lost their lives during a three-week period of precipitation ending in March, underscoring the persistent threat posed by natural disasters in the region.

This news has been read 457 times!

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