Accountants shun accounts, finance departments

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KUWAIT CITY, Nov 21: A number of ministries and government institutions have sounded an alarm bell and warned against employees with financial and accounting backgrounds of turning their backs to finance departments and moving to jobs in the same ministries and institutions which are not related to finance, reports Al-Anba daily. The sources stated 6 government institutions have said a number of employees with financial and accounting backgrounds have left their departments, which resulted in many observations such as violating the budget implementation rules, violating the circulars of the Ministry of Finance regarding the rules and procedures necessary to close accounts and prepare the final account, and not giving accurate figures when preparing the draft budget, disbursing financial allowances to non-accounting personnel, and transferring a number of university degree holders majoring in accounting to a nonfinancial departments.

The sources confirmed that there is a recommendation that all government agencies should study the reasons for employees leaving the financial and accounting departments and find solutions to address them, with the need to adhere to the decisions of the Civil Service Commission regulating the disbursement of allowances and financial benefits for the financial departments.

This news has been read 29549 times!

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