Abdali border post requires exceptional measures to curb increase in smuggling

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KUWAIT CITY, Sept 15: Despite great efforts exerted by security personnel and the customs officers to control the situation in the country’s ports in general, and the Abdali border post in particular to prevent the smuggling of contraband and arrest criminals and persons wanted by law, recent statistics and seizures show the personnel at the Abdali post need to take more precautionary security measures after the increasingly smuggling attempts, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The security sources told Al-Qabas that this port is considered the most dangerous because it is linked with the Iraqi border, and because of the security chaos on the other side of the border, so it has become necessary to put a special security plan, as well as the establishment of an area to unload exports under strict customs security control, to prevent the entry of Iraqi trucks to the country, as it is supposed to unload in the port to avoid smuggling any prohibited items.

According to statistics, the Abdali port is the largest targeted by drug traffickers, but vigilance and constant alert by security and customs officers have thwarted many attempts to dump Kuwait with toxins.

The sources pointed out that the unstable security situation in Iraq casts a shadow on Kuwait, drug factories and alcohol are wreaking havoc in many Iraqi cities, which is reflected in turn on the Abdali port, pointing out that drug dealers target the Kuwaiti youth and want to turn Kuwait into a transit for toxins smuggling.

The sources said that the General Administration of Customs has completed the modernization of the info technology infrastructure at the Abdali port, which electronically connects the port with other customs centers by land and sea in relation to the exit of trucks and registration of vehicles, but drug traffickers invent new methods to smuggle contraband in a rapid and variable way.

The sources added these dealers remain in constant touch with their counterparts in Kuwait and neighboring countries, and coordination has become significant between them, and whenever the General Administration of Customs and the General Department of Drugs Control arrest smugglers or drug carriers, new and innovative methods of smuggling emerge.

The sources talked about some of the innovative smuggling operations that are being developed by smugglers, including the development of the mechanism of transporting drugs by modern wireless aircraft.

The sources pointed out that the efforts of personnel from General Department for Drugs Control have resulted in the seizure of more than one wireless aircraft, the last of which was a large seizure involving a citizen using this device to cross the Kuwaiti border and land in Iraq and came return to Kuwait with a quantity of hashish and meth drugs. Security information enabled the control men to arrest the dealer. The sources pointed out the security personnel are currently following a new mechanism to follow up these aircraft and track them.

This news has been read 14571 times!

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