Abdali Border Crossing Thwarts Smuggling of Magic and Witchcraft Items

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KUWAIT CITY, Sept 10: Customs officers at the Abdali border port have successfully thwarted multiple attempts to smuggle materials associated with magic and sorcery into the country. Several travelers, upon their return from Iraq, tried to bring these prohibited items with them.

A customs source reported that the officers, as part of their routine inspections of individuals arriving from Iraq, managed to uncover nine separate attempts to smuggle witchcraft and sorcery tools. These illicit items were hidden among the travelers’ clothing or belongings within a span of less than a week.

The source emphasized that individuals caught in possession of magic and sorcery tools were issued a warning not to attempt to bring such prohibited materials into the country again. They were allowed to continue their journey to their home country after acknowledging this undertaking.

This news has been read 5396 times!

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