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Wednesday , August 10 2022

Kuwaiti’s not allowed to stay overnight in a hotel in their own country

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Can such decisions, laws, customs, traditions put Kuwait on tourism map?

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 22: A KUWAITI is not allowed to stay in a hotel in his own country. I do not know if it is a law, a custom, a tradition or a decision, which means if someone needs to stay in a hotel overnight for some reason, he cannot or rather he is not allowed to do so; for what reason I do not know, but the fact is ‘He just cannot’.

This is one of the decisions or laws which are found in backward or underdeveloped nations but they do harm the personal freedoms of the individual, while foreigners, men or women are allowed to stay in a hotel in Kuwait with no restrictions whatsoever, whereas a Kuwaiti female needs to be accompanied by a ‘mahram’ (an unmarriageable kin). By God, we are in trouble, and no one knows where it will lead us to. We ask ourselves; can such decisions, laws, customs and traditions – whatever you may call them – put Kuwait on the map of tourism countries of the world? Zahed Matar, Arab Times

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