A Detailed Look at the 82.5% Rise in Expat Employment

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‘India makes the largest representation’

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 19: Data released by the Central Administration of Statistics indicates that as of June 2023, Kuwait had a total of 2.43 million expatriates, both male and female, from 174 countries employed in various sectors, including domestic work. This number represents an increase of approximately 82.5% compared to the end of December 2022 when the expatriate workforce stood at 2.34 million, reports Al-Anba daily. In terms of the broader labor market, which includes citizens and domestic workers, the total employment saw an increase of about 86.8 thousand male and female workers during the first half of 2023.

This raised the total number of workers to around 2.877 million by the end of June 2023, compared to 2.79 million at the end of December 2022. India had the largest representation in the Kuwaiti workforce, constituting 30.2% of the total. The number of Indian workers increased to about 869.82 thousand by the end of June 2023, a rise of 35.14 thousand compared to December 2022. Egypt followed as the second-largest contributor, with a workforce of 483.45 thousand at the end of June 2023, a slight decrease of 808 Egyptians compared to December 2022. Kuwait ranked third, with approximately 447.06 thousand male and female citizens in the labor market by June 2023, refl ecting a rise of 4,417 citizens compared to December 2022.

The Philippines and Bangladesh secured the fourth and fifth positions, with 269.48 thousand and 248.92 thousand workers, respectively, by the end of June 2023. The data also revealed notable changes in the workforce from specific nationalities. Nepalese workers, for instance, moved up to the fifth position, surpassing Pakistanis. Meanwhile, the number of domestic workers increased by about 34.85 thousand during the first half of 2023. Regarding salaries, the average salary for Kuwaiti citizens rose to 1,557 dinars per month during the first half of 2023. Kuwaiti citizens in the government sector had an average salary of 1,598 dinars per month, while those in the private sector earned an average of 1,342 dinars per month. Expatriates’ average salary increased to 343 dinars per month, with those in the government and private sectors earning 750 dinars and 323 dinars per month, respectively.

This news has been read 6047 times!

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