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A company makes 20 million KD in human trafficking

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 17: In an attempt to crackdown on human trafficking, a new company came into light where 10,000 workers were brought to Kuwait and collected 20 million Kuwaiti Dinars from these workers reports Al Qabas.

This was brought to notice when a complaint was received by the security services against a major company accused in trafficking of expats and bringing in Bangladeshi workers on Govt contract for KD 2000 each and to stamp residence KD 500 was collected.

Initial investigations revealed by the detectives said that the CEO of the company has has a representative from Bangladesh, as well as brokers from the residency trade who distribute the commissions between them, while the largest proceeds go to the owners of the company who collected large sums over the past two years.

The sources stated that the security authorities continue to investigate the case in cooperation with the relevant authorities, and summoned a number of company officials.

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