964 Absconding workers arrested by Kuwait authorities in 5 months

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KUWAIT CITY, June 10: According to a recent statistic issued by the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM), the quartet joint committee, headed by PAM, and with members from the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, and the Kuwait Municipality, conducted 125 inspection rounds covering all parts of the country from the beginning of 2023 until end of May.

Asian expats who left their sponsors found working in a ceramics shop

During these inspection rounds, they seized 964 violating workers, reports Aljarida daily. The statistics revealed that these violating workers are distributed in the following manner:- 1) 512 are in the private sector and hold article 18 residency 2) 351 domestic workers who hold article 20, representing 36 percent of the total violators. 3) 61 workers who are under article 22 4) 31 workers who hold other residencies. Informed sources explained that there is a significant increase in the number of domestic workers who flee from the homes of their sponsors, and work illegally in the private sector. This matter has become a phenomenon that requires urgent solutions and drastic action to prevent the leakage of this labor force into the private labor market.

The authority’s inspection tour revealed dozens of domestic workers who fled from their employers and work daily in the field of architecture, dyeing, ceramic installation and decoration works. A number of marginal workers who do not carry civil cards and work in makeshift stalls to sell worn-out clothes and used electrical appliances, especially in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh and Khaitan areas were arrested. It also seized hundreds of absconding domestic workers who work in the labor market in violation of the law. PAM is working in coordination with the Ministry of Interior to develop a mechanism with specific perceptions through which it is possible to prevent the leakage of these workers into the private sector.

With regard to the seized labor of the private sector, the file of the employer on which this labor is registered is suspended, and is marked with the code “73” until it is confirmed that it has deported them out of the country. It is then re-inspected to ensure that it is committed to employing labor with it. The sources affirmed the continuation of sudden inspection campaigns by the committee in various parts of the country to control marginal workers and those who do not work for the employers under whom their residences. Legal measures will be taken against employers in order to confront dealers of residences and fake companies that flooded the market with marginal labor.

This news has been read 9030 times!

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