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96% of road development project completed:

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 3: The project engineer looking after the construction, completion and maintenance of roads and bridges linking the cities of ‘Sabah Al-Ahmad’ and Al- Khairan residential areas, Engr Munira Hassan, said 96% of the project has been completed. She explained work on the project is proceeding at a steady pace to modernize and develop the road system in the country in addition to other road projects implemented by the Public Authority for Roads and Transportation (PART), which in turn will contribute to realize Kuwait’s new vision.

Asphalt laying in progress in one of the areas

Eng Hassan said in a press statement, “This project is one of the important development projects, and aims to develop the roads linking the city of Sabah Al-Ahmad and Al-Khairan residential city, and make good the existing roads and build modern roads according to the standard designs of highways.” She explained the project consists of six sections with a total length of 130 km in length – three of which are new.

It also includes 17 intersections, most of which are an overpass to secure traffic fl ow with a roundabout at ground level to secure the connection between cities. Eng Hassan stressed on the keenness of the executive body and the concerned parties working within the project to closely follow up and accelerate the pace of work; get rid of all obstacles facing the project to complete the project on time and achieve the desired goals.

She pointed to the full implementation of all precautionary measures that have been approved by the health authorities in order to prevent the spread of the virus corona by providing masks, sterilizers, and temperature measuring devices at all project work sites. She pointed coordination is continuing with all concerned authorities, including the General Traffic Department, during the implementation of various stages of the project, in addition to implementing safety and security measures at work sites to protect lives and property.

82,000 sq-mtrs of road covered with asphalt in a week

The Ministry of Public Works announced its maintenance engineering sector as part of its maintenance program has laid asphalt on more than 82,000 square meters in eight sites in various governorates between Jan 20 and Jan 26. The ministry said in a press release, that the works related to asphalt brushing in the internal road network during this week included Rumaithiya, Al-Sabahiya, Jaber Al- Ali, Al-Adan, Al-Jahra Al-Qadima, Sabah Al-Salem and Hitteen, in addition to Abdullah Hamad Al-Hashemi Street.

The ministry indicated the nature of the work carried out by the Maintenance Engineering Sector focused on asphalt brushing operations in addition to responding to a number of citizens’ complaints such as potholes in various areas, maintenance, development and repair operations for some sites.

The ministry called for the need to cooperate with emergency and maintenance teams in order to accomplish their tasks, stressing its complete keenness to respond promptly to all complaints from citizens and residents around the clock – complaints which are received through phone calls directly on the Hotline (150) or via the WhatsApp No. 93333150 or via the online application of the Ministry of Public Works on smart devices

By Muhammad Ghanem Al-Seyassah Staff

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