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90 permits per day issued for fishing enthusiasts at Kuwait Bay

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KUWAIT CITY, May 4: Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director General of the Environment Public Authority (EPA) Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ahmad revealed that “the authority issues about 90 permits per day for fishing enthusiasts at Kuwait Bay;” affirming that “fishing at the bay is proceeding in the best manner owing to the issuance of permits through the website of the authority,” reports Al-Rai daily. Speaking to the daily, Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ahmad explained that “the number of permits issued depends on the weather and the fishing time — ranging from 70 to 90 per day.

The issuance of permits is continuous for enthusiasts to enjoy fishing at the bay.” Since the announcement of EPA on April 13 about the launching of the electronic platform for booking appointments to fish at the bay for amateurs according to the conditions, the number of permits obtained by amateur fishing enthusiasts has reached 1,600. Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ahmad stressed that EPA, through its patrols, is cooperating with the Coast Guard and the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) to prevent any violation of the general regulations for fishing at the bay.

He said the necessary action has been taken against some people who went fishing at the bay without a permit. On the recent fish deaths, he clarified “this has been expected due to many negative impacts on the marine environment. Fish deaths usually happen in April every year because of the blooming algae and the red tide. We have been trying to find various ways to reduce pollutants and increase the percentage of dissolved oxygen in the bay,” he concluded.

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