Sunday , September 24 2023

860 driving licenses pulled in 3 months

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KUWAIT CITY, May 3: The General Traffic Department announced the withdrawal of 860 driving licenses from violators during the first quarter of 2023, for varying periods starting from 3 months and up to a year, up to a final withdrawal based on the points systems for violators of the traffic laws, reports Al- Anba daily.

Major Abdullah Bu Al-Hassan said holding the phone in hand and talking while driving carries a two-point penalty because as per reports there is a link between the most dangerous accidents when motorists are distracted while using phones. Bu Al-Hassan told Al-Anba daily that the first withdrawal is for those who have collected 14 points, and the driver’s license is withdrawn for 3 months, and if he/she commits other violations and 12 points are added to the total the license is withdrawn for 6 months, and if another 10 points are added to this total the license is withdrawn for 9 months to a year in case the violations are repeated and if more 8 points are added to the total number of points the license is withdrawn permanently.

The person has then to reapply for the license from scratch adding that in the event of final withdrawal of license from expatriates, the conditions of the ministerial decision apply. It is noteworthy that serious violations such as crossing the red light and speeding automatically carry a four-point penalty for each violation.

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