8,318 male and female Kuwaitis ‘unemployed’

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KUWAIT CITY, July 19: Official government data revealed that there were about 8,318 male and female citizens unemployed in Kuwait until the end of last June, and that the duration of unemployment for many of them exceeds 12 months, although they are registered with the Civil Service Commission and are looking for an opportunity, and the vast majority of the unemployed are young, reports Al-Anba daily. The data showed that the vast majority of unemployed Kuwaitis are 4,909 women or 59% of the total unemployed.

It is also noted that the vast majority of unemployed women are married numbering 2,255 women. This comes in addition to the unemployed Kuwaitis who have no qualification or hold only intermediate or secondary certificates — about 17.77% of the total unemployed.

The data showed that about 15.79% of the total Kuwaiti unemployed people do not have sufficient professional qualification, due to their failure to engage in training courses that qualify them to obtain a suitable job opportunity. Regarding the demographic and social characteristics of the unemployed, as it is possible to calculate the percentage of the number of the unemployed by gender for the year 2022, we find that females represent 59% of the total unemployed, while males represent the remaining 41%.

This news has been read 16267 times!

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