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Thursday , February 9 2023

80% Kuwaitis, 20% expats in govt sector

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KUWAIT CITY, July 6: According to recent official figures, Kuwaiti citizens constitute 80.2 percent of the employees in government agencies, compared to 19.8 percent non-Kuwaitis, reports Al-Rai daily. According to the figures issued by the Central Statistical Bureau, the number of employees in the government sector as of March 31 reached 451,960, including 362,133 Kuwaitis and 89,827 non-Kuwaitis. This indicates the success of the Kuwaitization plan in achieving the bulk of its objectives, represented by Kuwaitization of government jobs, as per specific rates over a period of five years (2017-2022).

The number of employees in ministries is 336,849, consisting of 268,186 Kuwaitis and 68,663 non- Kuwaitis. The number of employees in government departments is 27,228 (24,545 Kuwaitis and 2,683 non-Kuwaitis). The number of employees in authorities, institutions and entities with attached budgets is 40,880 (36,615 Kuwaitis and 4,265 non-Kuwaitis). As for authorities, institutions, and entities with an independent budget, the number of Kuwaitis is 12,234 and non-Kuwaitis 5,756, bringing the total to 17,990. In state-owned companies through full ownership, the number of Kuwaitis is 20,553, and non-Kuwaitis is 8,460, bringing the total number of employees to 29,013.

In this regard, informed sources revealed that many government agencies contract with service companies to cover the need for employees in sectors such as support services and others. They asked, “Therefore, should these people be counted as part of the workforce for non-Kuwaitis, or is their work on temporary contracts which doesn’t qualify them to be considered as part of the employees in the government sector?”

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