60pct of the oil sector workforce eligible for incentive bonus

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Incentive Bonus in Kuwait’s Oil Sector: Recognition for outstanding performance.

According to informed sources speaking to Al-Rai, the incentive bonus within the oil sector is set to be disbursed by the end of June, with a maximum duration of three and a half months. The sources further disclosed that approximately 60 percent of the oil sector’s workforce, totaling around 12 thousand employees, are expected to benefit from this bonus.

Elaborating on the criteria for receiving the bonus, the sources clarified that it will be determined based on an accounting equation, evaluating each worker’s performance and their contribution to the annual outcomes of their respective company or sector. This bonus is regarded as a motivational tool, designed to incentivize employees.

The reward is contingent on three primary performance evaluations: sector-wide performance, company-specific performance, and individual performance. This multifaceted assessment ensures that the bonus reflects the overall contributions of the workers to the sector’s success.

The announcement of the incentive bonus underscores efforts within the oil sector to recognize and reward exceptional performance, ultimately fostering a culture of motivation and excellence among employees.

This news has been read 667 times!

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