55 Stores and Facilities Closed by KFSD

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KUWAIT CITY, Jun 21: In a significant enforcement action, the General Fire Force has administratively closed 55 stores and facilities across various governorates in the country. The closures were implemented due to the establishments’ failure to obtain necessary firefighting licenses and non-compliance with essential safety and fire prevention requirements.

This decisive move came after the General Fire Force had issued prior warnings to these businesses, urging them to address and rectify their violations. Despite these warnings, the establishments did not meet the mandated safety standards, prompting the authorities to take action to ensure public safety.

The General Fire Force reiterated its commitment to maintaining rigorous safety standards and ensuring that all commercial entities adhere to fire prevention regulations. This operation underscores the importance of compliance with safety protocols to prevent potential hazards and protect the community.

This news has been read 8846 times!

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