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Wednesday , September 28 2022

50,000 flu vaccines to be available on appointments and advance reservations

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KUWAIT CITY, Nov 28: The health districts have received a new batch of 50,000 doses of the seasonal influenza vaccine to be given to more segments while expanding access to them soon after confining the vaccine to some groups when the campaign was launched against infectious winter respiratory diseases in mid-October, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Health sources informed that appointments and advance reservations will be opened for citizens of all ages and non-Kuwaitis from 50 years and over, especially those with chronic diseases, as of next week, to achieve community immunity against respiratory diseases and combat winter viruses in general.

 Difficulties with vaccination

Sources indicated isolated difficulties related to pre-booking of appointments to receive winter vaccination was witnessed this month due to the great turnout this year compared to the past few years, confirming that the increase in health awareness and spread of the Corona virus contributed, to a large extent, to pressure on the website dedicated to setting appointments; thus the lack of appointments available to citizens for November.

They pointed out that the Ministry is keen on getting the largest possible number of citizens and residents to receive winter vaccination, especially as some groups such as the elderly and people with special needs are exposed to risk factors, which may lead to serious health complications on the patient’s life- in the event that influenza and pulmonary disease infection vaccines are not received at the right time.

Feasibility of vaccination

According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, vaccine currently protects against 2 to 3 million deaths around the world annually, indicating the number of seasonal influenza infections may witness an increase in the coming days, as influenza infection is likely to reach the peak during the months of December and January. It confirmed the ministry’s readiness to deal with any expected increase in the number of people infected with influenza and “Corona” or both.

They added that people who receive the influenza vaccine every year enjoy much better protection than those who are still without vaccination, especially in light of the Corona pandemic crisis (Covid-19).

They pointed out that the vaccines do not conflict with people who have been infected with the new Coronavirus, as they can take them after completing their recovery.

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