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Tuesday , September 21 2021

50,000 Egyptians and 30,000 Indians left in June

KUWAIT CITY, Jun 2: Statistics prepared on basis of flights schedules of Civil Aviation revealed that the total number of expats who left the country based on their desire and who were deported were mostly from 27 Arab and foreign nationalities. The total expats departed from Kuwait since May 31st until end of June was 102,623 pax by 590 flights .

Kuwait Airport

According to the statistics, the Egyptian community was the highest that left the country during June by 293 flights and 49,986 Egyptians or approximately 50,000 Egyptians which is 49% of departures from Kuwait Airport the flights left mostly to Cairo, Asyut, Sohag and Alexandria.

The Indian community came in second place with 185 flights departing with 30,033 passengers which is 30% of total departures, mostly to to Delhi, Gaya, Lucknow and Madras, followed by flights to Qatar, which represents the transit point for the majority of European and American communities, the total number of departures was 6492 expats on 32 flights.

The total number of departures to Iran was 2,500 Iranians on 11 flights, while 2,022 passengers departed from the Bangladeshi community on 7 trips, and the Nepalese community 2,113 on 15 trips, while the total departures to Ethiopia reached 1,386 passengers on 10 trips, followed by Sudan and Pakistan the total number of departures was 725 passengers on 4 flights.

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