5-Year Multiple Entry Visa to Egypt Now Available for Kuwaitis

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Maximum each stay no more than 90 days

H.E. Osama Shaltout, Egyptian Ambassador to Kuwait

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 5: Ambassador Heba Zaki, the Consul General of Egypt, announced a new five-year multiple-entry visa for Kuwaiti citizens traveling to Egypt. Each stay should not exceed 90 days, and a fee of up to 250 dinars will be charged, simplifying visits for Kuwaitis to their second home. Consul General Zaki explained that the decision to grant a five-year multiple-entry visa to Kuwaitis was in line with the Minister of Interior’s approval for citizens in several countries, including Kuwait, to receive such a visa.

This decision is part of the effort to streamline and expedite procedures for Kuwaiti citizens entering Egypt. These actions are a result of mutual coordination and cooperation between Egypt and Kuwait, showcasing the warm welcome extended by Egypt to the Kuwaiti people to visit at any time.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian Ambassador to Kuwait, Osama Shaltout, said the Egyptian Embassy in Kuwait is prepared to facilitate Egyptian citizens’ participation in the upcoming presidential elections scheduled for December 1, 2, and 3, 2023, for Egyptians residing abroad. During a press conference held at the embassy, Ambassador Shaltout encouraged the Egyptians living in Kuwait to exercise their constitutional right to vote in the forthcoming elections. He commended their enthusiasm in showing support for presidential candidacy, underlining that this action marks the initial step towards actively shaping the nation’s future.

Ambassador Shaltout emphasized that Egyptians in Kuwait, as well as across the globe, participating in the December presidential elections, will convey a message to the world regarding the essential role of Egyptian communities abroad in influencing their nation’s future. Furthermore, Ambassador Shaltout mentioned the process for those seeking media coverage at the electoral headquarters. Interested individuals need to submit an application to the embassy, which will then be forwarded to the Egyptian Foreign Ministry.

The ministry will, in turn, send it to the National Elections Authority to obtain the necessary permits. Shaltout informed that there are approximately 467,000 Egyptians in Kuwait with work permits and a total of 671,000 Egyptians, including those joining family members. He also revealed that the electoral headquarters location would be announced the following week, with ongoing coordination with the Kuwaiti authorities and the National Elections Authority. Contracts have been signed with various Internet companies to review their efficiency within the electoral headquarters for the election day, which will also have election observers.

By Fares Al-Abdan

Al-Seyassah/Arab Times Staff

This news has been read 4560 times!

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