5 Great YouTube Channel Marketing Tips

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YouTube has emerged as one of the largest one-stop destinations for all types of video and audio content for its billions-wide user base. Oftentimes some consider YouTube as just a video-sharing platform and some consider it as a social networking platform, where in reality, it’s a mix of both worlds. Either way, YouTube is a pretty effective tool for any marketing strategy and can provide you with countless opportunities to grow your brand. However, with over 500 hours’ worth of videos being uploaded every minute, making your place on the platform is actually easier said than done. After Google, YouTube is the second-largest search engine, hence, your YouTube presence will help your brand with search engine optimization amongst other things or you can also try some of the best Seo companies to get a boost on your channel. 

Here are some tactics that may help you better your YouTube channel marketing strategy:

Choose your keywords and titles wisely

A great YouTube marketing strategy requires a wise selection of keywords that are SEO friendly. As a matter of fact, people tend to use Google equally for searching videos, hence, the right set of keywords will play a major role to help your channel grow. There’s no particular way to decide which keywords are going to do your channel God however you can reverse engineer find out Google friendly keywords for your videos. You can use tools like Google Ads keywords planner and also take the help of SERP i.e., Search Engine Results Page. 

You also need to choose the titles of your videos in a manner that will catch the audience’s attention. Keep your titles short crisp and to the point and also make sure that you use your keyword(s) in the title of your video. To get your title right you can take inspiration from YouTube’s autosuggestions as well. 

Fix your content mix

To gain more views on your videos you need to define what content works best for your audience. Before you go ahead and upload any video you need to ask yourself whether this video is going to add value to your viewers’ needs and also to your YouTube channel. Based on your viewers’ preferences you have to align your contact mix and keep adapting to the current trends. Not only this, but you also have to use strong thumbnails for your videos to grab your viewers’ attention and also need to brand your channel properly. Also, calendarize your videos to ensure consistent engagement on your channel

Engage with your YouTuber community

Although YouTube is not perceived as a social networking platform, it still has a wide user base that likes interaction on the platform via likes and comments. Engaging with your YouTube community will help you foster a strong connection with your subscribers. To build your audience base you can also buy YouTube subscribers. This way you will be able to widen your viewers base that will in return help you gain more views on your videos. To create more engagement, you can also collaborate with other YouTubers from your subscribers that will give you a little bit of cross-promotion and help you take your brand outside of your channel.

Try your hands on YouTube ads

 Apart from organic methods, you always have an option to go pay per play for your videos by leveraging paid YouTube advertisements. YouTube offers a wide array of ads that come with different purposes altogether. There are skippable & non-skippable in-stream ads inclusive of bumper ads, video discovery ads (in-display ads), and non-video ads that generally come in overlay or banner format. Using a permutation combination of these ads can also help you gain more views on your videos and expand your reach. 

Give your audience some CTAs

To retain your hard-earned audience and expand it for more views requires a smart call to action to your videos. Too many CTAs can come across as a hard-sell hance you have to use them judiciously. You can embed your website links to your video description for starters. There is a variety you can choose from when it comes to YouTube CTAs, but direct host mentions do work the best. You can verbally request your viewers to like, subscribe and share your channel to add a human connect. You can also use clickable end-screens with catchy thumbnails that might help you drive traffic to your other videos as well. 

To make your YouTube Channel Marketing plan succeed you out to make your videos and its CTAs that pleases the viewers’ eye. Always start your videos with an awesome hook and keep adapting to the platform trends. Good traffic on your channel will also rank your channel and website high on Google SEO. Always be on the lookout and analyse what is working best for your channel and then realign your strategy accordingly.

This news has been read 11208 times!

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