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Thursday , December 1 2022

5 European countries suffer more than 46,000 new covid infections

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VIENNA, March 10: Poland, the Czech, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia altogether recorded on Wednesday 46,273 new infections with the novel coronavirus in addition to 891 deaths due to the contagion over past hours. Polish Ministry of Health said in a statement it recorded 17,260 new infections raising the caseload to 1.828,313. In the Czech, the local health department reported on its website that the authorities recorded 15,196 new infections putting the whole count of contaminations with the virus at 135,195 while the death toll hit 22,385 after registering 105 new mortalities.

Elsewhere in Europe, Romania declared registering 4,564 new infections raising the whole count of the cases to 840,116. Death toll reached 21,156 after 100 patients gave up the struggle for their lives over the past 24 hours. In Hungary, the health ministry reported 5,653 new cases increasing the tally to 480,560 while the death toll reached 16,325 after 179 sick people succumbed to the contagion, during the same duration. Meanwhile in Slovakia, the health department declared 3,600 new infection cases with the caseload hitting 329,593. In the meantime, the deaths reached a total of 8,146 after 109 sickened people could battle the contamination to the finish. Europe has recently witnessed a fresh upsurge of the contamination with the dreaded germ. In December, it launched a cross-border immunization campaign to try quell the deadly pathogen.(KUNA)

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