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5 buildings in Mahboula under health supervision

KUWAIT CITY, Mar 30: The Ministry of Health recorded 20 new cases of coronavirus yesterday well-informed sources stated the cases registered were of 4 foreign nationalities, including Indians, Bangladeshi, Filipinos and Somalians in addition to two cases of Kuwaitis.

Yesterday people who came in contact increased to record 12 cases in one day and this type of infection cases associated with them so far is 21 cases, of which 19 cases are among the 3 expatriate nationalities that are considered one of the largest communities in the country which may be a challenge for health authorities to handle.

Informed sources revealed to Al Rai, that more than one case of Corona virus had been detected in residential buildings in Mahboula, including an Indian technician working for a private company.

The sources said that these 5 buildings inhabited by more than 600 people who have been in contact with these cases of Asian workers have been taking preventive health precautionary measures to deal with such cases.

The sources revealed that one of the three Indian nationalities is among the cases of epidemiological investigation, working as a tailor and transmitting the infection to 3 of the same nationality, as the Indian technician transmitted the infection to three others, and a Bangladeshi infected working in an industrial area transferred the infection to other 3 also.

The addresses of the 8 infected people who are under epidemiological investigation are different, and they have no relationship with each other, which increases the risk index of such infection. The appropriate departments in the ministry are trying hard to solve the code and puzzle these infections.

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