44% Kuwaitis work in public, private sectors; Indians top list, Egyptians 2nd

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KUWAIT CITY, July 25: About 44 percent of Kuwaitis are part of the workforce in the public and private sectors. The total number of Kuwaiti and non-Kuwaiti workers in the two sectors as of the end of December 2020 was about 2.07 million out of the total population of 4.67 million people in the country, reports Al-Rai daily. According to official figures obtained from the statistics issued by the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI), 23 percent of the workforce in Kuwait is working in the government sector, amounting to 470,000 citizens and residents, and the remaining 77 percent of the total workforce, amounting to 1.599 million citizens and residents, work in the private sector.

About 20 percent of the citizens, which amounts to about 416,760 citizens, are employed in the country. They come in third place after Indians (25 percent) and Egyptians (24 percent). Among the total number of Kuwaiti workers in the labor market, 354,229 Kuwaiti men and women work in the government sector. In other words, 85 percent of the employed citizens work in the government sector, and the remaining 15 percent, equivalent to 62,531 Kuwaiti men, work in other sectors. In comparison to the number of citizens, 28.5 percent of the citizens are in the labor force, with 416,760 Kuwaiti men and women out of 1.459 million Kuwaiti men and women. Also, 23 percent of the workforce are in the government sector, amounting to 470,017 citizens and residents.

However, Kuwaitis hold 75 percent of government jobs, amounting to 354,229 Kuwaiti men and women. They are ranked first in terms of the number of government employees based on nationality. Egyptian employees of the government sector come in second place, constituting nine percent of the total government workers, equivalent to 41,558 residents. In third place is Indian workers with six percent, equivalent to 27,229 residents. The remaining five percent are residents of other nationalities, equivalent to 21,984 non-Kuwaiti men and women.

Bangladeshi workers ranked fifth by constituting two percent of the government workers, with 9,532 residents, followed by Syrian workers by one percent, with 5053 workers. Filipino nationals ranked seventh with the same percentage and with 3,511 people, then Jordanian workers in eighth with 3,252 in number, and then the Pakistani workforce with 2,946 people. With a total of 2.07 million employed citizens and residents, three nationalities accounted for 69 percent of the country’s total workforce – India, Egypt and Kuwait. In this regard, about 1.599 million citizens and residents work in the private sector, representing 77 percent of the total workforce in the country. Indian, Egyptian and Bangladeshi nationalities hold 69 percent of the jobs in the private sector.

In detail, the Indian community has the highest number of members working in the private sector with 492,821 Indian men and women holding 31 percent of the jobs. It is followed by the Egyptian workforce with 450,604 Egyptian men and women holding 28 percent of the jobs in the private sector. In third place is the Bangladeshi community, with 165,435 of them holding ten percent of the jobs. Nine percent of the jobs are taken up by 137,437 residents of different nationalities. Pakistani workers are ranked fifth with about 72,000 residents occupying four percent of the jobs in the private sector.

In sixth place is the Filipino community with 69,340 residents holding four percent of the jobs. They are followed by Syrian workers in seventh place with 57,246 of them holding four percent of the jobs, then Nepalese workers in the eighth place with 50,000 male and female residents, Jordanian labor force with 22,874 male and female residents occupying one percent of the jobs, and in the last place is the Sri Lankan community with 19,738 male and female residents holding one percent of the jobs in the private sector.

This news has been read 65204 times!

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