417 domestic worker recruitment complain

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KUWAIT CITY, May 25:The Public Authority for Manpower has released detailed statistics for April, highlighting key data on the recruitment of domestic workers across the country. The report, prepared by the Department for Regulating the Recruitment of Domestic Workers, indicates a total of 447 active recruitment offices.

According to the statistics, the Authority processed several changes in licensing and complaints during April. Specifically, seven recruitment licenses were canceled at the request of business owners. Meanwhile, 21 licenses were renewed for existing practitioners, and nine new licenses were issued to new recruitment offices.

The Authority also reported the reinstatement of four previously suspended licenses, while eight other licenses were newly suspended due to various infractions or issues.

In terms of grievances, the Authority registered a total of 417 complaints related to domestic worker recruitment and employment practices. These complaints are currently under review as the Authority continues to monitor and regulate the industry to ensure fair and ethical practices.

The Public Authority for Manpower emphasizes its commitment to maintaining a regulated and transparent system for the recruitment of domestic workers, ensuring compliance with all legal and ethical standards.

This news has been read 2411 times!

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