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‘41% vaccination docus rejected’

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MoH blames incorrect data

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 13: The Ministry of Health says 41 percent of the vaccination certificates were rejected because the registration data was entered incorrectly, 29 percent were rejected because the certificates were not clear or the QR code did not work, 27 percent of the certificates were rejected because the attached files were incorrect, and three percent were rejected because the certificate was not approved in Kuwait, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The ministry revealed that some individuals enter incorrect personal data that does not match the certificate of proof, such as name, date of birth, nationality or passport number, or enter the vaccination data incorrectly, such as the name of the manufacturer, the date of receiving the dose, the batch number, or failure to enter the data for the first two doses. It stressed the need to be accurate during the registration process and review the data before uploading it to the site so that the request is accepted as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, despite the efforts exerted by the Ministry of Health to confront the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic for nearly two years, as well as the increase in the vaccination rate and the recent demand for the booster dose in the country, a number of citizens and residents complained about the long wait to finish their transactions related to adding or modifying specific data on the vaccination certificates, such that some leave the site without completing the transaction due to the large number of processes. At a time when vaccination certificates are required in some state agencies to complete transactions, as well as to move between countries, the lack of staff in the Mishref Center prevents the completion of adding and amending any data on the certificates or their registration and approval. Clients have to wait for a long time for their turn to be served by competent employees.

This prompts the need to increase the number of employees in this department to meet the steady increase in the number of clients. It was also noted that many of the clients are forced to leave the relevant website without completing the transactions, and that the website sometimes delays in approving the certificates or amending them, as well as the difficulty in knowing the deficiencies electronically. This prompts the clients to sometimes go to the center just to make sure that all the attached documents are intact or there are no deficiencies in it, and then they have to wait for a while to check if the certificate will be approved or not.

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