406 committed suicide in Kuwait in last 4 years – ‘8yr old youngest to die’

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KUWAIT CITY, Aug 23: An exploratory study prepared by the Kuwait Human Rights Office sheds light on the spread of suicidal behavior during the past four years and called for the need to expand the scope of work for citizens and residents, both adults and children, especially those who are prone to end their lives when faced with difficulties, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The study, which covered 2018 until 2021, revealed 406 people have ended their lives, most of them males and 17 children in their late teens, 52% of them Kuwaitis. The study added the youngest of those who committed suicide was an 8-year-old Kuwaiti who died on August 3, 2021.

The nationalities of the children who committed suicide varied according to the order as — 10 Kuwaitis, two Indians, 2 bedoun, one British, one Yemeni, and another Syrian. The study showed an increase in the number of cases of attempted suicide for children during 2020, during the height of the Corona epidemic and the accompanying health precautions, and the number of Kuwaitis was the biggest. The study said 88% of the suicide cases in the four years on which the study was based were for non-Kuwaiti ‘residents’, while 35 Kuwaitis committed suicide and 13 bedoun.

The data showed a noticeable increase in the cases of attempted suicide for those over the age of 21 between the two time periods (2018-2019) and (2020-2021), where in the first period it was 57 cases, and in the second period it jumped to 101, with an increase of 56%.

Professor of Psychology at Kuwait University, Dr. Amthal Al-Huwaila, said suicidal behavior has existed since the history of mankind living on this earth. Al-Huwaila added: “The causes of suicide are different, some of them are for economic, emotional and social, and sometimes they are attributed to personal disorders in addition to drug abuse of various kinds.”

This news has been read 19477 times!

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