4 Iran-backed militia fighters killed in Baghdad drone strike, Iraq blames US-led coalition

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Death toll rises in Baghdad as US-led coalition accused of killing 4 Iran-backed militia fighters.

BAGHDAD, Iraq, Jan 4: In a recent development, a drone strike in Baghdad resulted in the death of four members of an Iran-aligned Iraqi militia, with six others wounded, according to information from police and security sources. The Iraqi authorities attribute the attack to the US-led international coalition.

Eyewitnesses and police sources reported that the drone fired at least two rockets at a building in eastern Baghdad known to be used by the Iraqi militia group al-Nujaba’a. A statement from the Iraqi armed forces held the international coalition responsible, condemning the strike as an unjustified attack on an Iraqi security entity. The militia group, described as an Iraqi force operating with the authorization of Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani, was targeted in the assault.

Despite having limited control over some Iran-backed factions, al-Sudani required their support to secure power a year ago, and these factions now form a powerful bloc in his governing coalition. Thursday’s rockets reportedly targeted a vehicle inside the Nujaba’a headquarters, resulting in casualties, including a local group commander and one of his aides.

Video footage published by pro-militia websites displayed a destroyed vehicle engulfed in flames, although Reuters could not independently verify the authenticity of the footage. Health sources confirmed the death toll.

Iraqi security sources indicated that they lacked further details on the responsible party pending a government investigation. Iraqi militia commanders promptly accused the United States of carrying out the attack and issued threats of retaliation.

“We will retaliate and make the Americans regret carrying out this aggression,” warned Abu Aqeel al-Moussawi, a local Iraqi militia commander. Washington has not provided an immediate comment on the situation.

The US military has faced over 100 attacks in Iraq and Syria since October, coinciding with the Israel-Hamas conflict. Iran-aligned groups in both countries oppose Israel’s campaign in Gaza and partially hold the United States responsible.

Last month, the United States responded to a drone attack by Iran-aligned militants in Iraq, conducting retaliatory air strikes. The previous incident left one US service member critically injured and two others wounded. The current drone strike adds to the complex dynamics in the region, with tensions persisting between various factions and international coalitions.

This news has been read 731 times!

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