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341 Egyptians depart Kuwait

KUWAIT CITY, Mar 26: The second flight of Egypt Air left yesterday afternoon, with 341 passengers, including 8 deportees within Egypt’s plan to evacuate its citizens from Kuwait 14 trips were specified in coordination with the Egyptian embassy in Kuwait for those residing in the country with a commercial visa, visit visa or leaving for good.

The Director of Public Relations in the Civil Aviation Administration Saad Al-Otaibi told sources that the administration has taken all health measures and travel procedures for Egyptians residing in Kuwait for those who were on a visit visa and those who have been terminated. Pointing out that among them are deportees and more trips will be organized and date of which will be announced later.

A group of departing Egyptians expressed their thanks to Kuwait and its leaders calling on the Almighty to lift the cloud for this nation. 

Amal Mohammed said that she was on a visit visa to Kuwait since last February, expressing her happiness in a country that she adored since childhood as she had previously resided in Kuwait she called on residents to respect the law for the safety of society and to follow government instructions in this regard.

Sharif Ahmed expressed his thanks to Kuwait and its people for all the support given to expats stating that he had been residing in Kuwait for more than 10 years until he ended his residence on his own accord and was returning to Egypt.

In a related context, EgyptAir announced, yesterday, the postponement of the third flight to evacuate the Egyptians from Kuwait, which was scheduled today, to a later time, indicating that it will communicate with the registered passengers to book on future flights.

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