330 tons of waste cleared from Wafra

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KUWAIT CITY, Jan 18: The Kuwait Municipality said during a cleaning campaign in the Al-Wafra Agricultural Area the department has removed 330 tons of agricultural waste. The initiative, led by the Cleaning Department in Al-Ahmadi Governorate, employed advanced equipment and mechanisms for efficient execution of the campaign.

Nawaf Al-Mutairi, the Acting Director of the Al-Ahmadi Governorate Municipality Branch, disclosed that the campaign also targeted violations, resulting in the removal of 10 abandoned cars and 8 food trucks. Furthermore, 9 reports on road occupancy were issued during the operation.

Al-Mutairi underscored the core objective of these field inspection campaigns, which is to identify and rectify negative practices while imposing legal measures against violators. The supervisory team of the municipality, particularly in Al-Ahmadi, remains steadfast in elevating cleanliness standards in its designated areas.

Regular field tours are conducted by the team to address eyesores and road occupancy issues, preserving the visual appeal of the governorate. Al-Mutairi reaffirmed the municipality’s commitment to executing legal measures against those who contravene regulations related to public cleanliness and road occupancy. He highlighted the ongoing awareness initiatives, including the distribution of multilingual posters targeting Indian, Filipino, and English-speaking residents.

These educational materials aim to instruct residents on proper waste disposal practices, stressing the importance of securely closing waste bags and placing them inside containers. The comprehensive campaign covered all areas within the Al-Ahmadi Governorate Municipality branch, encompassing activities such as monitoring public cleanliness, supervising the work of cleaning contractors and companies, regulating street vendors, and enforcing laws and decisions related to public cleanliness and road occupancy. The municipality’s unwavering commitment to fostering a clean and organized environment is evident through its sustained efforts and community-oriented awareness programs.

This news has been read 706 times!

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