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30,000 Expats deported in 2022

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 KUWAIT CITY, Jan 2:  The Ministry of Interior deported 30,000 expatriates during the year 2022, from these 660 were judicial deportations and the rest were administrative deportations due to various crimes and violation mostly due to drug abuse, fights, thefts, alcohol production, expired residence and non-compliance with the Kuwait laws. While some of them were in the interest of the public.  

Total number of men who were deported were 17,000 while women were 13,000. Majority men deported were Indians (6,400), Bangladeshis (3,500) and Egyptians (3,000). While Majority women deported were Filipinos (3,000) Sri Lankans (2,600) Indians (1,700) and Ethiopians (1,400).

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