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3 months extension for all expiring visas; Expats stranded abroad grace period of 1 yr instead of 6 months

KUWAIT CITY, May 31: Security sources revealed that a decision was issued to allow expatriates who have valid residence and are outside Kuwait that residence will be valid for 12 months instead of 6 months due to the exceptional circumstances faced due to coronoavirus crisis

In addition to extending 3 months for all types of visit visas, domestic workers and those who entered the country on a work visa and were unable to complete residency procedures.

The new decisions issued by the Ministry of Interior include taking into account of the circumstances that have taken place in the country and to ease the expatriates residing in the country and abroad, granting the violating residents a temporary residence that is valid for a period of three months, starting from 31/5/2020, with a maximum that it ends in all cases on 31/8/2020.

The sources pointed out that the 3-month extension is done automatically via the computer system and includes expats who are in Kuwait only for residencies (all kinds) and those who entered the country according to entry or types of visit visas (of all kinds) and the validity period of their visa has expired. They don’t have to login as a sponsor or business owner on the Ministry of Interior website as the residence will be automatically renewed for 3 months.

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