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275,000 people to spend the Eid holidays abroad

Stats based on flight booking between Aug 8-17

KUWAIT CITY, July 30: Statistics issued by the Directorate- General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) shows 275,000 people will spend the Eid al-Adha holidays abroad.

The statistics are based on flight booking between Aug 8-17, reports Al- Qabas daily. In terms of expenditure, the Central Bank of Kuwait’s balance of payments figures confirmed that travel spending was not significantly affected by the public and private financial conditions that prevailed after 2014, when oil prices fell, and these figures remained relatively high, although there were no qualitative increases in salaries over the years.

In general averages, daily travel expenditure is over $36 million, including all tourism, entertainment, shopping and other expenses spent abroad by Kuwaitis.

The figure mentioned also includes educational and therapeutic expenses, but the purely tourist spending aspect is of course overwhelming, especially in the summer.

Previous studies by the World Tourism Organization indicate that Kuwait annually spends 11% of its income on tourism, travel and entertainment. Compared with other Gulf countries, Kuwait is ranked first in this standard, ie, the proportion of spending on travel to average income, followed by Saudi Arabia with an average of 7%, then comes Qatar with 5.7%, the UAE is next with 4.6%, Oman 3.3% and last is Bahrain with 2.1%. Kuwait’s average Expenditure per trip is about $2,910 ($ 881), which is higher than the average of $1,770 spent by the Gulf.

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