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Wednesday , October 16 2019

2.333 million expats employed in private sector

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 21: Statistics issued by Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) indicate that 2.333 million expatriates were employed in private sector, in addition to 459,218 expatriates in public sector as at the end of December 2018. Out of the total number of expatriates employed in public sector, Arabs constitute 70,945- with the majority of them working in the Ministries of Education and Health.

Figures also indicate that Arab nationals represent about 25 percent of the total workforce in private sector, while one-third of them work in the construction field. Statistics showed that Asians working in public sector have reached 40,775 in addition to the 614,863 employed in private sector, while 535 Africans are in public sector with additional 34,413 employed in private sector. Europeans in public sector make up 1,427, in addition to 9,152 employed in private sector.

Meanwhile, 941 United States citizens are working in public sector, in addition to 9,520 in private sector, while 99 public sector employees are from Latin America and 793 others in private sector, in addition to 70 Australians working in public sector and 650 others in private sector.

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