15 Kuwaiti women are divorced daily

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KUWAIT CITY, Nov 22: The official figures showed and increase in divorce rates in Kuwait where average number of divorced women per day has reached to 15 female Kuwaiti citizens based on collective data of five years statistics.

According to the Central Statistics Department, divorce cases have increased in the last five years. Between 2016 to 2020 the divorce rates reached to 20 per day from which 15 cases were related to Kuwaiti female citizens and 5 cases related to expat women. There were decrease in number of divorce cases last year due to pandemics, reports Al Rai. In total, the number of divorce cases during past five years reached 36,345 cases, including 26,576 cases for Kuwaiti women.
According to nationality of husbands, 26,576 Kuwaiti women were divorced by 22,626 Kuwaiti men or 85% of the number of divorced women, compared to 3950 non-Kuwaitis who made 15%. 

In 2016: 7,223 divorce cases, including 5,259 cases of Kuwaiti women from which 4386 Kuwaiti husbands and 873 non-Kuwaiti husbands.

2017: 7,433 divorce cases, including 5,402 cases of Kuwaiti women  from which  4510 Kuwaiti husbands and 892 non-Kuwaiti husbands.

2018: 7,869 divorce cases, including 5,764 cases of Kuwaiti women  from which  4839 Kuwaiti husbands and 925 non-Kuwaiti husbands.

2019: 7,888 divorce cases, including 5,857 cases of Kuwaiti women  from which  4938 Kuwaiti husbands and 919 non-Kuwaiti husbands.

2020: 5,932 divorce cases, including 4,294 cases of Kuwaiti women  from which  3953 Kuwaiti husbands and 341 non-Kuwaiti husbands.

This news has been read 66555 times!

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