14-year-old girl hospitalized with third-degree burns from nail polish incident

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Kennedy at Shriners Children’s Hospital in Ohio.

WASHINGTON, Jan 31, (Agencies): Contemporary teenage girls are avid enthusiasts of the latest beauty trends, from refining skincare routines to acquiring essential makeup products from Sephora or indulging in simple pleasures like nail painting. Nevertheless, a cautionary tale emerges from Ohio, where a 14-year-old girl faced dire consequences after a routine task turned into a harrowing experience.

Kennedy, residing in Xenia, Ohio, found herself in a perilous situation on Jan 5. While preparing to join her cheerleading team for a school basketball game, she was in her bedroom innocently removing nail polish, situated near a burning candle. This routine, previously uneventful, took a catastrophic turn.

Describing the incident, Kennedy explained, “As I was setting the bottle of nail polish remover down on my bed, the fumes kind of just mixed together, and the bottle exploded in my hand. It caught me and everything near me on fire.” The sudden ignition engulfed her bed, clothes, arms, hands, and hair in flames, prompting panic and a frantic effort to extinguish the fire.

Kennedy, home alone with her siblings as her parents were at work, managed to put out the fire on her body. Two of her siblings rushed to her aid upon hearing her screams, closing the door to her burning bedroom and dialing 911 after ensuring their safety.

Reflecting on the ordeal, Kennedy shared, “It’s nothing I’ve ever been through before. I was still in a lot of shock, but after the adrenaline wore down, I was in a lot of pain.” Following the incident, she was transported to Shriners Children’s Hospital in Dayton, Ohio, a specialized pediatric facility renowned for burn care.

Dr Sara Higginson, the chief of staff and on-call burn surgeon at Shriners, immediately attended to Kennedy. She underwent a significant procedure to cleanse her wounds and remove dead skin, emphasizing the severity of the burns incurred during the nail polish incident.

This news has been read 405 times!

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