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Zubaidi fishing season starts today after 45 days ban: KFU

File photo of Zubaidi at the Fish Market

KUWAIT CITY, July 15: Chairman of Kuwait Fishermen Union (KFU) Dhahar Al-Souyan affirmed that the fishing season for “Zubaidi” (Silver or White Pomfret) will start on Sunday, July 16 after a 45-day fishing ban. In a press statement, he indicated that, “The union is waiting for the start of shrimp fishing season in the international waters this coming August”.

Al-Souyan affirmed the keenness of the fishermen union to uphold food security by providing fresh local fish on a daily basis in markets for consumers at a suitable price that is affordable to all, especially since increase in demand and lack of supply is the main reason for the increased fish prices in the market. He explained, “When the supply of local produce increases, it majorly contributes in curbing the price increase and also helps in establishing balance in the market price.

Fishing has been banned in some areas of the sea, which is about 45 percent. These areas are known to contain a lot of seasonal fish. Because of that, fishing could be allowed in some of these areas based on rules and regulations”.

Al-Souyan said the union has been continuously circulating fishing guidelines to fishermen, adding that these guidelines include the need to adhere to the rules and staying away from areas where fishing has been banned, as well as adhering to the Amiri Decree No. 46/1980 which specifies the areas where fishing is allowed. He revealed that the fleet of Kuwaiti fishermen has about 800 licenses for vessels, and that all of the fishing produce goes to the local market daily.

Al-Souyan affirmed that the union strives to communicate with the concerned government bodies for the welfare of the public in a manner that serves consumers by reducing the prices and providing sufficient quantities of fish in the market on a daily basis, as well as the welfare of the fishermen. He urged the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR) and other concerned government bodies to stand with the union for ensuring its aspirations are achieved similar to other sectors as well as countries that support the local fishing industry to such an extent that the industry completely sustains itself.

By Abdulnasser Al-Aslami Al-Seyassah / Arab Times Staff

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