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Friday , January 17 2020

Zimbabwean MP calls for compensation – ‘Why our women were lured with fake promises of illusory jobs’

KUWAIT CITY May 20: A Zimbabwean lawmaker Joseph Chinotimba has called on Kuwait to pay financial compensation for what he called assaulting and molesting the Zimbabwean women who have been victims of human trafficking in Kuwait, reports Al-Rai daily.

According to a report published in a Zimbabwean newspaper recently, the lawmaker has asked the Zimbabwe Parliament to summon the Kuwait Embassy officials in Harare to answer the charges filed against Kuwait. Speaking during a Parliament session to discuss this file, Chinotimba stressed on his claim and said, “Kuwait has to pay compensation for assaulting our women.” He wondered “why our women were lured with fake promises of illusory jobs in Kuwait.”

He went on to say this is serious matter and the government must ascertain whether these Zimbabwean women were forced to go to Kuwait or left the country as per the terms of the contract.

“Officials of Kuwaiti Embassy in Zimbabwe must be summoned to the Parliament to explain to us why this is happening? And we have to inform them that we want back our daughters,” he added.

He pointed out, “We can’t continue to talk about this issue here while our daughters suffer there. Kuwait must pay for enslaving our daughters.”

The report mentioned Chinotimba made the statement following the speech given by Zimbabwean Minister of Foreign Affairs Simbarashe Mumbengegwi that the Kuwaiti government will be asked to stop issuing Article 20 visas for Zimbabwean female domestic workers.


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