Youth acquitted of theft, damaging neighbor boat

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 5: The Misdemeanor Court abstained from punishing a citizen for theft and maliciously damaging a pleasure craft belonging to the neighbor’s son. The court instead obliged him to sign an undertaking to be of good behavior for six months, without guarantee. The Public Prosecution filed charges against the boy for stealing the boat and power generator purposely for keeping. Evidence presented alongside the statements of the complainant and outcome of investigations by detectives confirmed theft and malicious damage. Attorney Khawla Al-Hasawi, representing the accused, requested a reduced punishment for her client, considering his age, past behavior and circumstances that led to the crime. She affirmed that her client has a clean crime record and promised to shun criminal activities.

New verdict: The Court of Appeals amended the verdict of Ja’afariya Family Status Court that granted a man the right to meet his son who is in the custody of his estranged wife from 10:00 am on Thursday until 10:00 pm on Friday, including a sleep over, and decided the man could only see his son for seven hours on Friday at the Sighting Center of the Old Courts Complex in Riggae. In an appeal filed by lawyer Dalal LafiAl-Mutairi on behalf of the wife, the lawyer said application of law in the previous ruling was wrong due to misleading evidences. She presented verifiable proofs with necessary documents to support her argument.

Man acquitted: The First Instance Court, headed by Judge Abdullah Al- Herais with judges Hosam Mustafa and Badr Al-Ahmed as members, acquitted a man of possessing intoxicants for trading and consumption. Secret investigations revealed that the accused had intoxicants in his possession, so the securitymen raided his house after obtaining a warrant from the Public Prosecution. After searching the house, the officers found four packets of Methamphetamine and a weighing scale. However, Attorney Berjes Merdas, who represented the accused in court, argued that the results of investigations were inconclusive while the arresting officer made contradictory statements during his testimony. He then demanded for acquittal of his client due to the absence of incriminating evidence, in addition to the Criminal Evidence Department’s report favoring the accused. Meanwhile, the Misdemeanor Court acquitted an employee of peddling in illicit drugs. Defendant lawyer Salem Sha’aban, on behalf of his client, denied the allegation and argued it was unreasonable to accuse his client of the crime without concrete evidence. The lawyer maintained his client was arrested under circumstances that required no suspicion, because he wasn’t caught selling drugs. He beseeched the court to acquit his client of all charges.

By Jaber Al Hamoud Al-Seyassah Staff

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