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Working hours after Maternity Leave

How many hours should I work after maternity leave (my normal duty is 8 hours + 1 hour break = 9 hours)

I’m a working woman and my baby is 3 months old. I just want a clarification on a Kuwait law. — Article 25 — according to which “a working woman shall be allowed a two-hour break during her working hours in order to feed her baby”.

My working hours are 8 + 1 hour break, total 9 hours. So I should minus 2 hours from working hours and work 6 + 1 hour break = 7 hours or I should minus 1 hour from working hour and work 7+1 hour break = 8 hours.

Name withheld

Answer: The office timings for you will remain unchanged and will be the same as all the other employees.

It is during these working hours that you are entitled 2 hours to feed your baby.

So if, for example, your company has a 0900 to 1800 hours schedule (including the one hour break) you are required to follow the same hours but you can take two hours off in between at some point — to be mutually decided with your company — to feed the baby.

But please remember this “facility” is not for an unlimited period. While the duration has not laid down by the law, it is normally for about three months.

It could be more but that has to be decided with the company.

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