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Work ongoing to complete the shooting of the new TV series

Elham Al-Fadhala and Huda Hamdan

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 8: Kuwaiti actress Elham Al-Fadhala and the Jordanian actress Huda Hamdan are currently in the process of completing the shooting of the remaining episodes of the new drama series “Hodn Al-Shok” which will be broadcasted on all Gulf TV channels during Ramadan this year, reports Al-Rai daily.

Meanwhile, Actor Mohammad Al-Ojaimi has completed the shooting of his role in the TV series “Wa Ma Adrak Ma Omi”, reports Aljarida daily. He had also participated in the Ramadan drama series “Hodn Al-Shok” and the drama “Vampires” along with elite stars such as Intisar Al-Sharah and others. Meanwhile, comedian Khalid Al-Ajraib has affirmed completion of his movie, “Ghanim Weld Bu Ghanim,” reports Al-Anba daily.

The cast include Ahmad Al-Ownan, Nayef Al-Bashayra, Huda Salah and Ghorour while Abdullah Salman is the director and scriptwriter for the movie. Al-Ajraib added he is preparing for the filming of a series which will be produced by Qatar TV with a number of Qatar’s stars as cast members

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